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Spare key: Why you need a spare key and where to hide

Why do you need a spare key?

Today, several individuals don’t have a spare key for their homes. Almost every homeowner is likely depending on the 2-3 keys that come with their locks. If you’re also among those who don’t have a spare key, below are some reasons why you need a spare key.

To avoid any form of Lockouts

Lockouts are issues that could happen to any person. They often come at an unexpected time. So, if you have a spare key, you would be able to avoid time wastage and quickly gain access to your home. As you know, many parents panic when they accidentally lock their kids inside their homes. If they’ve got a spare key, they would easily locate it and use it to gain access to their home again.

To make the key replacement process faster

When you lost your key, you would need to find a replacement for it. Having a spare key greatly helps to minimize the amount of time that a Locksmith needs to create a new key for you. If you don’t have a spare key, the Locksmith will want to disassemble your lock or try other measures to get the key code required for cutting your new key.

However, when you have a spare key, the key cutting process takes only minutes. It will cost owners only a fraction of what it would have been without a spare key available.

Avoid Broken Keys

There is no doubt about the fact that keys do wear. When you check your keys for any signs of damages or chips, it would be essential for you to resolve to use a spare key. This helps you avoid your keys from being broken. In other words, using a spare key minimizes the tendency of getting your master keys broken.

Help other family members access your home

Spare keys offer the ease of permitting your family members to access to your home. We can’t always determine when we are going out and a family member arrives at our home only to find out that no one is at home. When you have a spare key, your family member can easily gain access to your apartment and wait for you.

Spare Keys

Where to hide your spare key?

Now that you’ve understood why you should have a spare key, you should be asking about the location to hide your spare key. Well, the answer is not as hard as you think. There are some strategic locations where you can hide your spare key. These include :

With a neighbor you trust

Your neighbors should be your best allies against any form of a break-in. Giving a trusted neighbor your spare key is the most secure way to hide your key. By doing so, your key won’t be near any part of your home. So, no one would be able to access it.

In a magnetized lock box under your car

It’s also advisable to hide your key in a car magnet key case under your car. That implies that when you’re not at home, your spare key won’t also be at home.

Under the dog house

Burglars hate dogs. Certainly, they can’t go near your dogs. Hiding your key under the dog house is another safe location to consider.


Note: Avoid hiding your keys Under your welcome mat or flower pot. Those areas are well-known for burglars. They could easily identify them and access your home easily.

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