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File Cabinet Locks and Desk Locks

We offer the lowest prices on filing cabinets and desk locking systems. We come to you to install, re-key, repair, or extract keys from your filing cabinet and office desks. We offer the most affordable and most reliable replacement file cabinet keys, desk lock keys, and lock cores.

Protect your important papers, legal documents, confidential files, and all of the office supplies and personal items you store in your filing cabinets and desk drawers. If you own a business, it is important to have a commercial locksmith who is able to handle all of your lock and key needs.

We come to you to provide you with services for all of your office lock and key needs!

File Cabinet Locks and Desk Locks

When You Need File Cabinet and Desk Locks?

File cabinet locks are used to keep important documents and valuable papers or items safe. Desk locks are used to keep office supplies and personal items safely locked up and out of the hands of the wrong people. It is important that these locks are kept in proper working condition.

File cabinet and desk locks are different from most door locks in that they mostly consist of a few standard styles of keyways and brands, file cabinet locks come in many different shapes and types. Some are designed to lock without a key which makes them lock automatically and often accidentally when you meant for them to stay open.

We make your security our expertise! Our expert locksmiths understand that your locked file cabinet or desk contains important documents and items! We are able to open any file cabinet and desk lock and make a replacement key or install new locks on the spot!

File Cabinet Lock and Keys

File Cabinet Locks or Desk Locks Changing

Where there is a lock and key, the potential for damage or breaking is always there. Just like with any lock, a file cabinet or desk key can break or be damaged, in that case, you need to replace your locks. Our locks specialists provide complete locks service for any type of file cabinet and desk locks.

Re-keying File Cabinet Locks or Desk Locks

When you do not know who has a copy of your filing cabinet or desk locks, it’s time to consider a rekeying service. When you have lost your keys, a rekeying may be your solution. Re-keying a lock is less expensive than locks changing that it keeps your existing hardware in place while only replacing the inner cylinder which will require the use of a new key to open the locks. We then provide you with a new key on the spot.

File Cabinet Locks

Call Millennium Locksmith for File Cabinet Locks and Desk Locks Service!

Whether you need new file cabinets or desk locks, need them rekeyed, a broken key extracted, locks repaired, or a replacement key made on the spot, our knowledgeable and skilled locksmith technicians will show up on location to service your file cabinet and desk lock needs!
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