Rely On Millennium Locksmith For Your Alarms & Home Automation Security

Rest assured knowing your home is secured! It's time to stop leaving the safety and security of your home to chance when it can be at your fingertips or in the palm of your hands through internet and smart phone technology.

The qualified professionals at Millennium Locksmith come to you to answer all of your home security needs and set up your home for a more secure and controlled environment, even when you can't be there to monitor it. We offer NO ANNUAL CONTRACT home alarm installation and monitoring that include: No phone line, 24/7 emergency response, Control through a mobile app, and Alerts.

Be Prepared – Stay Safe – Always Be In Control

Know when your child arrives home safely from school, or that help has been alerted and is on the way immediately upon a break-in. Gain full control of every aspect of your home's environment. Save on utility bills. Always know the complete safety status of your home with alarms & home automation security systems recommended and installed by our team of expert technicians.

We also offer full home automation that go far beyond detecting and monitoring from everyday convenience to safety from unthinkable dangers.

Millennium Locksmith offers a complete range of detectors, sensors, and controls that you are able to access anytime 24/7, from anywhere:

Home Alarm
Smoke Detector
Window Sensor
Door Sensor
Motion Sensor
Image Sensor
Water and Flooding Sensors
Thermostat Control
Lighting Control
Garage Door Control

Do You Need To Improve Your Security?

Millennium Locksmith Has What You Need For Alarms & Home Automation

Millennium Locksmith offers the right alarm & home automation for you! Our knowledgeable experts are ready to assist you with your alarms & home automation needs today.

Control the security of your home, Remotely monitor when a window, door, or motion sensor is triggered to alert authorities immediately. Turn on the air conditioner, set to cool down to a refreshing temperature just before you arrive home, turn on or off lights, open or close the garage door, gain full control over appliances all remotely from a control panel on your smart phone or through the internet!

Alarms & Home Automation