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4 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

When we discussed the most reputable lock brands, we’re not advertising the brands to you. Rather, we’re telling you about the brands people have trusted and used for their home lock systems. In this article, we will be exploring the top 4 brands people around you have been using their products. Be informed that the products of each brand have different capabilities. In that regard, they would all have different strengths and weaknesses.

We would try to stay as objective as possible.

So, if you’re ready to learn about those trusted door lock brands, keep reading this article.

Mul T Lock

This brand is reputable for manufacturing quality locks. It’s well known as the company that produces key which morphs into a strong man. Many individuals believe the strength they notice from the silhouette’s bicep flex.Mul T Lock

The locks produced by this company are very secure. Most of the company keys are integrated with an active element that requires some form of advanced knowledge and experience to pick.

Mul T lock should be chosen because of its deadbolt. This deadbolt serves as an added security feature to the key this company produces.  key and to its deadbolt that the others just don’t have. For your information, the strike that is attached with the deadbolt is meant to retain a ball bearing that is within the deadlatch. When the lock is closed, this makes your door lock into the strike within the door frame. You will enjoy the product made by this company.


Medeco LocksThis company was founded as the ‘Mechanical Development Company.’ It invented a special mechanism that deploys an angled key to create a lock that has an unparalleled assurance of security. The major issue with Medeco is that they continuously update their design so they can maintain patents. All of their updates made the locks lock they produce to become a little less secure. Around 2011, they achieved a great breakthrough over that challenge. Today, it has gained a strong reputation for helping people improve the security of their homes.


Kwikset LocksKwikset is a leading residential lock brand. The company has been gaining the trust of homeowners ever since it has been established. The 1946 founded company invest a lot of effort in planning and hard work. Those efforts have really been helping them to meet the needs of their customers. This ensures that they produce locks that can protect their homes and belongings.

The company’s commitment to serving clients’ needs has led to the production of a wide variety of innovative lock portfolios. By so doing, they are able to win the hearts and minds of their customers. Their products come in amazing styles and have quality finishes.


Schlage LocksWalter Schlage is an international brand. It offers customers a wide range of high-grade locks. The company produces things like Handlesets, Electronic Locks, Deadbolts, Knobs, Levers, and Smart Locks. Each of their products has a premium metal construction which adds strength and security to their locks. Their locks are durable and easy to install. Their products can give your door a stylish makeover within minutes!

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