How is my Transponder key programmed?

Every car is programmed differently. Most Transponder keys come preprogrammed with a fixed code. This means that it cannot be changed to match the vehicle. The solution to this is to program the vehicle to recognize the new code. This is done with a variety of equipment depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

I want all of my locks on my house/office/business to work with the same key, can this be done?

Yes, In most cases you can keep your existing locks, you can call a locksmith for that type of service. This is referred to as “Keyed Alike”. An easy test to see if your existing locks are able to be keyed alike is to see if the one common key will enter the cylinders (keyway) on the other locks. Generally, if one common key will enter all locks, then they can all be “Keyed Alike”. If your locks are not compatible, you may be able to use most of your locks, and need to purchase few locks to accomplish your goal. Consulting with your locksmith can help get you on the right track, with a minimum amount of money spent.

What is transponder key?

A transponder Key is A key that has a chip inside that transmits and receives data. These devices contain one of over a trillion unique codes. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the transponder sends a signal, If the signal is recognized by the immobilizer of the vehicle, then the engine will start. If the signal is not recognized or has been weakened by damage to the transponder then the immobilizer will shut down vital operating systems to the engine and it will not run. This technology greatly reduces the risk of car theft and provides peace of mind for the owner of the vehicle.

What is master key?

A Master Key is one key that works all of the locks on a house, office, or business. It is much more convenient than carrying a huge bundle of keys but there is also a security risk because in case the key is lost, whoever finds it will have access to all the doors on your property.

I have a key marked “Do Not Duplicate” Can I get a copy of it anyway?

Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate,” or ” Do Not Copy,” or “Unlawful to Copy” indeed may be duplicated. A reliable locksmith will duplicate the “Do Not Duplicate” key, only when he is at the property where using that key, and the owner shows proof that he is the legal owner. Prior to the advent of true high-security keying systems such as Mul T Lock and Medeco, stamping ordinary keys with “Do Not Duplicate” was an attempt way to control key duplication. Locksmiths are well able to duplicate keys when the head of the key covered up or has been broken off. That is where the “Do Not Duplicate” is located. Therefore many locksmiths recognize that having the “Do Not Duplicate” is at best a false sense of security. There could easily be many duplicates of that key made without your knowledge or permission.

I lost my only car key, can a locksmith make new one?

Yes, car locksmith specialists can make new car keys even if you have lost your only key. Car key replacement services are available for all makes and models of vehicles. A mobile locksmith can drive to your car location and to make the replacement key on the spot. Car key replacement service also includes programming of chip keys, key fobs, and keyless entry remotes.

What is “Rekey”?

Rekey means to change the key for an existing lock, the old key will no longer work and you’ll get a new set of keys.