Can a mobile locksmith repair or replace the ignition switch?

Yes. A mobile locksmith can perform an ignition switch replacement and ignition repair for most types of vehicles. The locksmith will drive out to your vehicle location and will repair, or replace your car ignition switch on the spot.

Can a locksmith program a car key?

An auto locksmith can help you program and reprogram your car key, including key fob, keyless remote, and transponder key. The key programming service also offered by mobile locksmiths, they can drive to your vehicle location and will program your car key on the spot.

Can a locksmith make a car key without a key?

In the case of a lost key, a locksmith can make a replacement key for your car without the original key. Usually, when people lose the car keys they need a locksmith to get to the location of their vehicle and be able to make the replacement key on the spot. So when you call a locksmith for a car key replacement service make sure he can make the replacement key for the type of your vehicle.

Can your locksmith open a home locked door?

Yes, a locksmith can help you open your locked home door without destroying any of its parts. An expert locksmith is trained to use a non-destructive way to open locked doors of any kind. So, you can trust a locksmith for a professional home lockout service.

Is there a warranty for locksmith services?

Absolutely! All locksmith jobs should include a warranty for parts and labor, usually for 6 months for parts, and 3 months for labor (except lockout services). When there are any issues with newly installed locks or rekey service that has done lately, you can contact your locksmith for help.

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

Certainly, lock replacement is a replacement of the entire lock, while rekey is the replacement of pins inside the lock.

Lock rekey price range: $19-$35

The price for lock replacement including installation starts at $45 and can go up to a few hundred for high security locks.

When should I call a locksmith?

Call a locksmith when you need to physically secure your home, office, business, assets, and valuables against unauthorized access. You also need the service of a locksmith whenever you are locked out.

More reasons you need a locksmith is when you want to change, rekey, install, or repair locks. Also if you lose a key or moving into a new property. Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith for all other locks and keys issues.