Which area do you serve?

It will take up to 25 minutes until our nearest technician shows up, depending on traffic.

What is master key system?

Master Key System usually used commercial properties with a large number of doors. The Master Key System lets the owner/manager of the property control the access to areas at the property. For example, if you have 20 doors at your building you can get 1 key that works on all the doors, another key that works on 10 doors, and another key that works on 5 doors, and a key that works on each door individually. A professional locksmith will help you design the Master Key System to fits your unique needs perfectly.

How do you get in when you are locked out?

The best way to get in when you’re locked out is to call a professional locksmith. That ensures that your lock will not get damaged while the unlocking process. (there are some locks that need to be drilled in order to unlock them, a locksmith can offer you a replacement lock installation on the spot)